2015 was an exciting year for hip-hop in Louisville, and across Kentucky. Not only did we observe growing support and a greater elevation into the arts and entertainment sphere in our city, but we have also witnessed artists breaking out and receiving national attention. Due to the talent and hard work of many artists our region is beginning to receive recognition for our ever-emerging hip-hop scene.

  That same year a number of artists & creatives came together participating in a series of roundtable discussions with the intention of networking, sharing resources and ideas, and collectively progressing the local scene. Within those discussions, there was a call to action for an event that would capture the full scope of the hip-hop community, showcasing to a wide audience the many artists and talents we have to offer.
LouiEvolve Hip Hop and Arts Festival is a manifestation of that idea.

With the history Louisville hip-hop has of individual artists or groups rising to different levels of success, it is refreshing to see a wave of artists putting out a diverse body of work in a range of platforms and mediums. LouiEvolve Hip Hop and Arts Festival will celebrate that history, feature a variety of that art, and inspire anticipation and excitement for events, artists, and creations to come. “ LouiEvolve celebrates the future of hip hop in the ever present now by highlighting the artists who push society forward through this revolutionary art form, which historically, at its essence, has always been cutting edge ”